Jun 28, 2005

My Thumb Hurts

So here's the latest and greatest, I was at JoAnn's looking for yarn for yet another project and I discovered that TLC's Cara Mia was on sale/clearance for $5/skein (it was normally $7.99). I have been eyeing/petting this yarn for many potential projects, but it was always just out of my budget - sad but true. Needless to say, at this price, my search was over, the "perfect" color was even available and so I scooped up what I needed, made my purchase and found that the one of the few good things about it being so terribly hot/humid outside is that Grace went right down for a nap when we got home.

Now here is where you get to know a few random facts about me:

~ I am very sensitive/allergic to latex, in H.S. during my senior year, my hands would be beet red for nearly an hour after my science labs (yes plural, I took Genetics and Chemistry as electives). I have to go to Wal-mart to find Nyplex gloves to wash dishes/for housework.

~ I get "itchy" and sneeze if angora fibers touch my body - which is really too bad because angora is soo soft and yummy.

These 2 items are of interest to this post because I also picked up some of those highly acclaimed tiny elastic pony tail holders to use as stitch markers [my husband will go crazy if I take up making my own stitch markers right now]. And it wasnt until I was home and really read the yarn label that I find that there is a wee Angora content (13%) in this long coveted yarn. I am unsure if it was one or both combined but now my right thumb is red and burns and I havent touched the elastic bands since 10 am or the blasted yarn since 11:30am when I gave up and took the yarn back because my thumb and fingers were really burning.

So, until my thumb recovers and/or I get brave again, I will not go near the ponytail holders (unless someone can confirm that elastic isnt necessarily latex based - these ones are clear and I am hoping nylon based), and I managed to research that Microspun is the perfect gauge and Michaels had the color I wanted (and it cost less - yeah for saving money). So, I get to start from scratch but that is better than having my thumb leave me from abuse.

Oh, and I made my 1st trek into Hobby Lobby today (I'm originally from the West Coast), and boy if I had money I could do some real damage there! I didnt buy anything this trip, but I know where I'm going if I have some home decor money burning a hole in my pocket.

Well, I'm off to knit some, you do the same! [by the way, I'm posting this from Bloglines for the first time so wish me luck]
Update:So apparently I have a bloglines blog as well as this one...I was trying to figure out why the post never made it here and then I actually read the details on the Bloglines page and discovered that I created a bloglines post not a remote post, the things you learn...good night! I hope I can sleep, one of the wierd "really long skinny bugs with many legs" just nearly crawled over my foot[I am now typing leaning over from my bed with no extemity touching the ground], I had never seen this bug where I came from, and dont know what it is - hopefully it will not figure out how to crawl up my bed frame, and it hid too quickly for me to get rid of it.

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