Jun 29, 2005

The yucky "bug"

I went online to see if I could discover the identity of the multi-legged creature that tried to get me last night. And of course, my mom was right, it was a centipede, rather a House Centipede.
[if you want to see one, click here]

If you would like to read up on House Centipedes you can do so courtesy of the University of Arkansas ARTHROPOD MUSEUM NOTES . They were the first one I clicked on when I googled "centipede". The other sources say about the same thing, that this is a scary looking creature, but harmless to humans and beneficial in that they eat spiders and small insects. I'm still not thrilled about seeing it, but hopefully it will hide better from now on - or better yet, move out ;)

Well, TTFN, just figured I'd update on my creepy crawly find :)


Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday!

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Laura said...

Happy early birthday! I hope that you have a wonderful birthday and that the next year brings you much happiness! Best wishes!

Bethany said...

Happy Birthday tomorrow!