Jun 15, 2005

Moving Week!!!

Ok, so Miss Gracie is 1 now, yeah!!! I cannot believe I didnt have time to post on her b-day...well, I guess I can...but more about that some other day...

We are entrenched in the move now, today I move all of the kitchen over and we will no longer "eat here" so that will be interesting [ok, so I'll leave some munchies and breakfast stuff]. Thankfully DH took tomorrow and Friday off, so we will be all set to move the big stuff on Sat, then I'll scrub and say Good-bye to this place that was nice and sucked at the same time.

~~oh ya, gotta keep this short, mucho work to do~~

So, not much knitting this week, which is killing me because I just started the Lace Mystery Stole and I'm totally addicted to knitting lace now. I think I can hold out until next Monday...tempting to pick it up Sunday night, but that will depend on my exhausted factor ;)

Hope to be back to regular blogging once we are moved in [and figure out if SBC has DSL at the new place or if we get to figure out the situation with the cable company...wish me luck as I am afraid I may have to go through internet withdrawls again soon as all this comes together]. So, if I do "disappear" again, it will be because we may not have an internet connection immediatly at our new humble abode.

On that note, I will leave you with this:

You are Acrylic.
You are Acrylic.While you are very versatile, your plasticky
countenance can be offputting. You are very
good with children but can become a pill if
left alone with them too long. You are very
flexible but don't give in to manipulation.

What kind of yarn are you?
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J. said...

happy birthday Gracie, here's to another year of making your mom happy, of learning to talk and generally being adorable.