Jun 24, 2005

Chipmunks and Fireflies

We are finally moved in and we are back on-line. I am very excited to have access to all of you again...I was just beginning to go through "withdrawls". I say 'just beginning' because I have honestly been busy enough to not really be sure that it is already Friday! The good news is that I've got this place nearly completely operational and it is almost in better shape now than I ever had the old place.
I really like this place, the floor plan is very open and flows very nicely - and I'm also glad to have everything on one level (no more lugging the baby and whatever I forgot up and down stairs anymore). We have a lovely pond/fountain to gaze upon out our slider and the pool is no more than 50 paces away - well, I guess I havent counted yet, but it's real close. This place will definately "do" until we can afford to buy a house.

I finished my 1st charity baby blanket today, and am just about to cast-on for the next one. This has been my distraction from the Mystery Stole Along that I have been too busy/tired to work on ~ which has been killing me, but I dont want to mess it up and get too frustrated since I'm already worn out.

Our little girl is simply amazingly cute! This morning she woke up and had a long conversation will all of her stuffed animals in her bed...I look forward to the day I can understand what she is saying - earlier this week she told me a joke (I'm guessing here, since only she understood what she said) she was soo silly, she was walking around in circles supported by her IncrediBlock, talking with animated inflection and then she laughed and waited expectantly for me to laugh with her...that's my Amazing Grace!

Oh yeah, I taunted you with a title that I havent fulfilled yet didnt I? The first night as I came in with the "last load" some chipmunks scampered by as I walked up to the door and then I noticed some fireflies off to the side. For those of you who see this all the time, this is a huge dream come true for me...it was in all the books I read growing up [and movies, too] and we just didnt have chipmunks or fireflies where I grew up in Southern CA. Especially the fireflies, there is just something magical about them, they were always a highlight of our visits out here, and now I can see them all the time [for some reason, I didnt see many at our old place, but there are plenty here]:)

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