Feb 24, 2005

The Cubs - yes, as in baseball

***Feel free to skip reading this if you have no interest in sports, there is nothing about knitting in this post, my apologies***

Ok, as you know, I'm from San Diego, home of the ultimate "fair-weather" fans. But believe me, my dad took me to my first Padres game when I was 3, and I've loved my Pads' since then...through thick and thin.
However, now that we've moved to Chicago I am getting a taste of what true fans are like. OMG, on the news this week, the sports coverage has been all about wristbands you could get so you can have a chance in the drawing held live on radio tomorrow to be among the 1,000 (yes, 1,000) to have 1st chance at tickets.
Now, for the last 3 yrs that we came here to visit I've been bugging my hubby about going to Wrigley Field because hey, it's cool! And he told me the tickets were sold out last year. Honestly, I didnt believe him (I'm human) so before we came out the second time I got a tourbook of Chicago and it confirmed that although most games are sold out before the season begins, often there are SRO seats available. SRO! This was just inconcievable to the girl who came from the land of Monday Night specials where for $5 you could get in the game, sit somewhere between 1st and 3rd base just above field level and you could get a hot dog for $1!
My hubby (he grew up out here) just shrugs and says "we have REAL fans out here" - yeah that went over well. Anyway, welcome to the land of Lincoln, guess we'll have to check out some AAA ball this year (sorry, we dont follow the Sox, and apparently its dangerous on the Southside - wouldnt know havent been there).
Guess we'll just have to go back to San Diego to catch a ball game ~smirk~

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