Feb 22, 2005

So I finally did it!

I know I've been slacking, but due to technical difficulties with my hubby's digital, I fired up my camcorder (which takes not as great but worthy photos) so I could share my handiwork with you all. Sorry for the long list of pics, but needed to get them up and for all of you who have little ones you know how things sometimes cannot be done the way you used to anymore. So the coloring in the pictures is a little off - a little yellowed for whatever reason; but you now have the general idea of what I've been up to.
Been a little more tired than usual, so havent been racing through projects like I was, hopefully this is just a passing funk. Plus Grace hasnt been as predictible lately, so I've had less time with my other passion - she'll always come first!
We are gearing up for our visit to TX, we'll be gone all next week and my grandparents internet isnt always predictible so it may be a while before you hear from me after Fri. They have not seen Grace yet (in person) so we are all very excited about this trip. Plus this is my Grandma who knits so I'm hoping to glean some tips and show off some of what I've done so far.
Happy knitting!


NKTN said...

Love your 'blog, AND the name of it!
Enjoy spending time with your knitting gramma!
It's Noreen..... Yarn & Thread webring... just here 'checking-things-out', LOL!

Melanie said...

I found your blog in knitblogknit and stopped by. just wanted to say GOOD JOB on your first sweater! And also wanted to tell you how ADORABLE your daughter is. My son is 17 months old, and I feel like it was just yesterday that he was 8 months old! :-( And by the way.. my son USED to sleep in until 7, but the last few months it has only been until 5:45 am. ENJOY IT WHILE IT LASTS! LOL
Keep up the good work.