Feb 24, 2005

Hooray for me!

So I've finally taught myself enough html to add some items to my side bar. I was looking all over for tutorials or tools or something to help me; and found that it isnt really that hard if you take the time to understand what's going on. Big thank you to:
NCSA's Beginners Guide to HTML
Without this help I'd still be frustrated with the appearance of my blog.

I had attempted to post yesterday an update on the SnB Big Bad Baby Blanket, but it got lost between Create and Publish, and among other errors I decided it was just best for me to leave my blog alone for the day.

So anyhoo, yeah, I ripped it out....the whole thing. That was very hard for me, and not what I had intended to do, but once I got to ripping to the minor errors, I'd find another not so much farther down, and another, and all the sudden it was no more. That's the first time I've frogged a whole project. I had to go hide on-line from it for awhile, pretending I was looking for what I want to do with it now, but I was just healing. I am better now :) I think it wants to be one of those really big dishcloth blankies since I dont have much time left (she's due Apr 1 - no joke!) and all of her kids have come early so far; this is baby #4.

And I finally found a pattern for a sweater for my baby. I was about to give up and buy something (I really intend to someday) but my expense account barely handles just buying yarn and maybe a pair of needles here and there. And I already have my eye on the Rogue sweater pattern, and I want to get a book on socks (I may just get some self patterning yarn and needles for now). I'm not cheap, just tight at the moment.

So, I've gotta get to work on the blankie before Gracie gets up from her nap, yikes, I hear her so I must have been on-line longer than I planned. Oh well, baby calls!

Happy Knitting!

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