Feb 6, 2005


Well I guess it is appropriate to make my first post at 12:21 in the morning - but I find myself still up even though I know I should be in bed because my nearly 8 month old doesn't care how late I stayed up...she's going to wake up at 7 anyway. She doesn't do it to punish, of course; she just has an incredibly consistent alarm clock within her self.
The only reason I'm still up is the sweater I'm trying to knit is about to turn into a sleeveless sweater if I cannot figure out this pattern. All was going quite well, which is probably why I'm so aggravated..."pride cometh before the fall" and all. I've been working on the cuff for the first sleeve since yesterday evening, on and off during today, and all through the Superbowl - Hooray Patriots! - and had to finally frog the sleeve and escape online for awhile to keep me from doing something bad to my project before I cooled down.
Well, as I've cooled down, I'm pretty excited I ended here. I've been lurking here and there checking things out and this seems to be the platform I've been looking for.
I'm off to work on a few settings and then to sleepy town.
Good Night!

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