Feb 23, 2005

Gracie Fingers

Gracie Fingers
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So here's my daughter with her 2 fingers. It took her about a month to figure out which finger(s) worked best and she settled on these two. She finally popped her first tooth on Feb 5th - she'd been working on it since she was nearly 4 months old. So, all the fussing and gnawing worked out and we have one little pearl (last week I thought we'd get another, but she said not so fast mommy). So now my cutie takes a break from sucking her fingers to flick her tooth and all I can say is at least she's cute!

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Kitt said...

Gracie is adorable! And I love her name!
Your knitting is gorgeous Jennifer, I'm so glad you got a blog going so we can see what else your artistic hands and heart create!