Feb 14, 2005

Happy Valentines Day!

So my daughter was my Valentine today, her daddy left for NY early this morning so it was just the two of us. I've been on-line more today than usual. I had some catching up to do in my knitting groups, I love reading other people's adventures in knitting. My own adventure has found its way to many projects all at once....I'm suffering a little bit of short attention span with each project so I am working on 4 potentially 5 all at once - yes, I have succeeded in becoming an octopus. As I have finally pieced my sweater together (more on that one later), I am working on 2 dishcloths for my G-ma (having already finished 1 last night); I have maybe 5 rows left on a baby blanket for my Sister-In-Law which I am considering frogging because I made an error in the beginning that I did not catch until I was too far in to go back (this was my very 1st project ever), and now I've made another error which necesitated another error in the border - I think I will at least try to fix this one (two); my "Pebble Beach" cap sleeve top (explained below); and I'm considering starting either a vest or lapghan. What I really need is focus but my DH bought me some Patons Evita yarn and pattern book last time he was out on business, and while I have no problem with the pattern, he chose a color that makes me think of Fruity Pebbles Cereal and to make matters worse I began it while he was watching The Pebble Beach Pro/Am this weekend, so it will now be dubbed my "Pebble Beach" shirt.
---By the way, I tried to pursuade him to let me trade the skeins for a color I would enjoy wearing more, however it has become quite a pet project for him so I will do my best to make it with a smile and wear it for him. I guess the point is I get to knit and that's all that really matters anyway, right?

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