Feb 9, 2005

My Sweater Will Have Arms!

OK, so I think I was just being rather thick-headed last weekend because when I woke up on Monday everything became clear for me as to where I went wrong. I reminded myself that I am a newbie and this is my first sweater so I've gotten over feeling stupid and am a third of the way done with the 2nd sleeve now. I guess the easiest way to explain my hang up was I wanted the pattern to hold my hand a little more, but as I said earlier, all is well now. Now I am just worried about getting the dpns to work for the neckline....I am running into technical difficulties as far as 16" circulars go.
My last hope was my non-chain lys and after going there (1st time) I think I want to find another one, the lady was not very kind overall, and as I handed her my credit card she said she only took cash or check (the card runner was directly under my hand) so I dont know what her problem was; apparently she didnt want my business and I am just as happy finding somewhere else to shop. There was some lovely yarn in the store so I may have to try another time and hope there are nicer people employed there. So, I know there are a few stores in the city, I'm sure there have to be some more in the suburbs - I just havent come across them yet, and I guess I could always buy on-line (I'm just a little more of an instant gratification girl and hate to wait for stuff to ship).
Well, TTFN, catch ya later!

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