Mar 18, 2005

Clapotis Happy

Well, we are progressing quite well on the Clapotis! I guess I should show you the pics in order so here we go....

For starters, unfortunately Cherry Red had to go on vacation (a little too stiff for my liking; dont worry, she'll be put to good use), so welcome Strawberry Cool-Whip (the color reminds me of the totally yummy treat - if you haven't tried it yet, go to the store now and get some!) in Caron's Simply Soft (color:soft pink) - which happens to be my current favorite acrylic yarn
The pink string you see halfway through is my "lifeline" - big thank you to whoever reminded me of this; I of course didnt need it once I started using it ;)

And here we are finished with the increase rows and ready to try some straight rows and *gasp* dropping stitches!
I decided to do this to pattern and not add any rows after all, as I was pondering along the way I decided I may want to use the scarf option here in Chicago - and 21" gives plenty of coverage for my shoulders anyway.

Now we have our first look at the counterintuitive dropped stitches, I waited for the 2nd repeat to show you since the 1st one is so little.
This is certainly an enjoyable pattern, I'm considering making a few more as gifts this year...we'll see the consensus after the finished project.

I hope you are enjoying watching my Clapotis grow as much as I am --if you are tired of the Clapotis hullabaloo I apologize, and the Clapotis forgives you, it really is a nice project!

Miss Gracie has two toothers now, so she's keeping me on my toes to avoid the now sharp teething bite; in retrospect, I was warned to not let her start chewing on me, but would I listen? She hasnt gotten me that bad yet, I can tell when she's going to try it most of the time and redirect her mouth to a more appropriate teething option. She's already pulling herself to a standing position, as well as made her first attempt at the stairs the other day....warm weather needs to arrive so she can have more room to meander (outside of course; there is no more room to be found in the apartment, I've done the best I can).

Well, back to dropping stitches and chasing my rugrat.
Enjoy your knitting!


Sue said...

I like the pink Clapotis. It will be so pretty when it's done.

leah said...

Ooh, I like the pink too (quite a lot actually!)

So when did Gracie get her first tooth? Itty got her first one last month and I keep waiting for another to pop up. Do they take a while from one to the next?

She's moving so fast! She just started crawling a couple of weeks ago and she's already pulling herself up? You're certainly going to be on your toes this summer!

Jen:) said...

Gracie's first tooth came in Feb 5th, and her 2nd Mar 13th, and I
thought she'd get a top one next but it looks like she'll get a 3rd on the
other side of the 1st before anything happens on top...but who knows she
may surprise me - she often does! It seems to me that she gets a new
one every month, but my mom says they could start popping in all at once,
so I guess we'll see.
Her daddy was so funny because he decided she was "falling behind"
because she wasnt crawling as soon as he wanted her to (I dont know what he
was expecting) but typical her, she took a while and now she'll rocket
forward. Plus, I dont think she was all that behind anyway.
Have you started Cheerios yet? Gracie had her check up today and her
ped. said she can start cooked peas and sliced banana now too, we'll see
how that goes....messy I'm sure!
Enjoy your Itty!