Mar 19, 2005

Progress...I guess that's what we'll call it

Soooo, I thankfully added quite a few rows to Pebble Beach while watching Band Of Brothers with DH tonight - has anyone noticed the elderly woman knitting on the train in Paris in the Crossroads episode? I have to check it out again to see if she's really knitting or not, I happened to be distracted but DH pointed it out. Which reminds me, when we hosted Poker Night 2 weeks ago, one of the guys saw I was knitting as he came in and confided he had just ordered a learn to knit kit. Apparently he has heard how relaxing it is and figured it was worth a try (a new yarnaholic in the making). So I offered my assistance should he need it, not sure if he will take up my offer, he was too busy shhhing me so the guys wouldnt over hear his new "girly" past-time. ---the cool thing about this group of guys is that they are all 30+ and most have been friends since grade school! So they often seem to fall back into their grade school behavior, including razzing a buddy who spends his time doing things other than drink beer, watch sports/manly movies/history channel, play on the computer, or vehicle/lawn maintenance/ home repair. I even asked DH if he'd overheard our knitting exchange and he said "No way! I would have had fun with that all night!"
So we shall see if Matt will be brave enough to knit out of the closet...I'll keep you posted.
Hope to finish Pebble Beach this weekend, then I can work on clappy guilt (and leer) free!
Happy Knitting!

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