Mar 14, 2005

Projects, projects, everywhere!

So no baby poor SIL! But at least now my house is clean and we had a test run with our nephew, which went fine, he even wanted to come back with Uncle John when he was returned; silly boy.
So now that the place is tidy, and I'm only chasing one rugrat, who has returned to napping, I have to decide what project I want to work on. They all are calling "pick me, pick me!" whatever am I going to do....I'm dying to get my Clapotis rolling, but John really wants me to finish Pebble Beach, and I still have the baby cardi to finish, and then last night I came across a really cute shrug pattern....
Well, I think I'll sneak some Clappy in today and then tonight I'll work on Pebble Beach ;) Everything else can hold until tomorrow.
Happy knitting!


leah said...

Thanks too funny... I know exactly what you mean though. I've told myself I'll only work on 2 projects at a time, but to soothe the voices I look over my books and folder filled with "to be knit" patterns.

Melanie said...

Did you start clappy yet? Tell hubby that pebble beach isn't calling you, but clappy is and so he can "forget about it." LOL. My husband will look at me and say, "I thought you were working on some pink thing... what's that black thing?" I'll tell him what it is and he'll say, "Did you finish the pink thing?" and I'll say, "No, just didn't feel like working on it." And he'll say, "Oh great, another project." And he usually adds on a pair of rolled eyes. But he's my biggest fan when I get something done. And he's learned quickly (we've only been married 2 years) that it's much easier to just agree with me, and let me do as I please! Have a good one!