Mar 20, 2005

I did it, I did it, I did it, yeah! Bellisimo...

(courtesy of Dora The Explorer)
I finished the back of Pebble Beach! Which was a difficult conquest since we just got The Incredibles. I had not previously seen it, and it was very funny and hard to take your eyes off (since I am trudging through a "fancy" yarn, this was a problem).
So tomorrow I will join the shoulders and decide if it really wants to be a Cap Sleeve or Tank Top...not that I'm against sleeves, I'm just ready for a break from this yarn (and have plans to use what is left to accent a spring/summer sweater for Gracie). Since my clappy looks good next to it, I figure I can just wear the clappy if I'm cool and DH even said it would look just as good without the I guess we'll see how assembly goes tomorrow.
BTW, anyone who owns/rents/can borrow the DVD of The Incredibles, check out the short movie Boundin' on the 2nd disc ~ its a rather cute video that includes a cartoon sheep with a lovely coat who gets sheared - anyway, its cute/funny and worth your time if you were going to watch the movie anyway.
G'night all, Happy Knitting!


joanne said...

Hello Jen!

Thanks for visiting my blog! You are married to an Italian man?! How nice! Mooody, huh? Do you just ignore him when he acts like that? LOL

Nice looking blog you have here, by the way! I'll be visiting yours too ;-)

Happy said...

We have the movie and it is great. As for the Boundin little movie, it made me feel a bit guilty...I'm so easily guilted....