Mar 9, 2005

Yes, it's true...I'm back

So sorry that I havent posted much since returning from TX. I came home to over 900 messages to go through in one of my groups (us knitting chicks have too much fun).
Gracie started crawling on March 1st!!! So I'm chasing her all over. And my husband told me on the ride home from the airport that we are hosting Poker Night (Thursday) this week - and he certainly didnt clean up after himself much while I was gone. So, I've been cleaning, chasing, and glancing through posts all while desperately trying to settle on a pattern for my SIL's soon to be newborn. The shell bunting below has an ugly k4tog that was killing me so I'm probably going to devise something on my own; especially because I received A Treasury of Knitting Patterns, by Barbara G Walker from my Grandma while visiting, and it is soo full of beautiful patterns I'm having a hard time deciding - she also handed me down a bunch of knitting needles and a case (she's the best Grandma ever!). I've given myself a deadline: by the end of American Idol tonight, I have to settle on a bunting or I will make the Ruffled Garter Stitch Baby Blanket . So there, I've written it down, now I've just gotta stick to it.
Happy Knitting!

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Leah said...

So is Gracie 9 mo. old now? That's so exciting she's started crawling! I'm terrified of the day my Itty Bitty gets mobile *haha*

I really really like that blanket you linked to. I kinda wish I'd have stumbled upon it before I started the one I'm working on now (just decided on a seed stitch blanket). Anyway, what did you choose?