Mar 16, 2005

So we had the Wheaton Fire Dept here last night...

it was John's doing...Grace was having a tough night, and since I didnt want to put her to bed too early, I figured she could use a bath. So I gave John the option of cooking dinner or bathing Grace; and he chose to cook dinner. Grace and I were upstairs (she was in a great mood once she heard the bath going) and then we heard the smoke alarm go off. This didnt worry me too much --John has the tendency to make smoke alarms work when he's in the kitchen--so I just waited for him to shut it off. When Grace's bath was done, I got her dressed and came down stairs and was greeted with a wall of smoke. It seems my DH read the recipe as heat the oil on High heat; well our stovetop is new, so water will fairly quickly boil at 7, and John had the oil heated to 9. When he put the cajun glazed fish in, it nearly vaporized and filled the entire place with smoke. We opened all the windows and the slider, and things were looking better, I went upstairs to get him a fan to help push the smoke out and then I heard the smoke alarm in the building hallway go off (we live in an enclosed building) the silly guy was trying to get a cross-draft! (remember, I just told you we live in an enclosed building) So that is how we got to meet the Fire Dept. No one was hurt - other than the fish- my neighbors were thrilled about the noise, and that went on for a while because there was some debate among the Firemen as to where the box was to shut off the alarm. So we had tater tots and Burger King for dinner last night.
I got a few more rows in on Pebble Beach once the smoke cleared, and hope to work on Clappy some today. Thank you all who replied re: the previously unidentified object below. I have been informed that this is a tool for making Hairpin Lace, which I Googled and it looks interesting, but I have enough on my plate as is, so I will put it away for another day. It's always nice to get a nagging question answered.
Happy knitting!

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Kitt said...

Ohhhhhhhh a man in the kitchen who is not used to being in said room unless it's to eat or grab a beer outta that big white cold thing, can be a very hazardous place!