Mar 12, 2005

Long day & Good-night!

Hello all, well I finally put together a button...I may work on another after getting some advice, but I really wanted one now and dont have the resources to purchase a more educated person's services - and dont they say necessity is the mother of invention? I also have a hard time resisting trying to do something myself before asking for help...oh, well.
Well, we have Mikey-man over tonight and I guess will find out tomorrow if he's going to be a big brother this weekend. Poor little guy, he knows something is about to rock his world and wants to be held by his Mommy, but she was having a hard time accomodating him through contractions. So we took him off her hands and I'm doing pretty well so far juggling two cuddle bugs. Thankfully he goes to bed pretty easy, so I was finally able to work on the baby sweater tonight and have the back finished now! Hooray for me!
Well, gotta get to bed, the little 'alarm clocks' wont let me sleep past 7am!
Happy purling!
(thought I'd mix it up a little; ok, ok, I'll go to bed)

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Leah said...

I will be more than happy to help you make a button if you'd like :)