Mar 11, 2005

My Baby is 9 months old today!

Obviously I knew this was coming, but I cannot believe how the time flies already. And I am amazed at how much she grows and learns even in a matter of weeks! Yesterday, during Blue's Clues, she started clapping! Up until then, all she could manage was waving her arms around like a little birdie trying to fly; and then all of the sudden she was making contact! I dont know who was more surprised, her or me, but she sure was practicing all day....watching her hands intently as they would finally do what she's been asking them to.
Last night the men had Poker Night here, they got a little loud (of course, beer and brats will raise the volume on any occasion), and she woke up around 9:30. I had to gave up trying to put her back down, she had to check out what was going on downstairs! She showed everyone how she could clap and crawl, played with me a little, and was back to bed by 10 pm! Without another peep until 5:30 this morning! She really is a good little girl!!!
Well, I'm off to work on the baby sweater, just had to share my baby's milestones.
Happy Knitting!

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Kitt said...

I just love the description of Gracie trying to clap....waving her arms like a little bird trying to fly....cute picture in the mind!

Hugs to Gracie!