Mar 10, 2005

I've finally decided ;p

Ok, so after much deliberation, many swatches, more math than my "mommy brain" can handle right now I've decided to make the new Moretti baby the sweater I made for Gracie. We got a call last night that her contractions are getting pretty we are 'on call' and I need to get my butt in gear. Truthfully, I did make one last attempt at the shell lace baby bunting, but with everything going on, I cannot give it the attention it deserves and I keep screwing up and I'm going to wear my yarn thin trying to not mess this up too much. (and with all the inc and dec, I cant really fake around it - tried and failed). So I've decided to tackle the known pattern, especially since I finished Grace's in a week and that was the biggest version and now I'm making the smallest version.
So, hopefully all will go well with having a 9 month old and a 21 month old under my care for a few days once she has the baby, and I'll just get the sweater to her when I can.
I'll keep you posted on the arrival! (yes this is 3 weeks early, but the last one was 3 weeks early, so we wont be suprised if the baby arrives by Monday).
Happy Knitting!

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