Mar 24, 2005

Oh, where do I start?

Ok, I'm sorry I kinda neglected my posts...but I've been distracted since we were trying to wade through some gunk in one of my groups that is dear to my heart. Thankfully that situation is behind us and we are looking forward to moving is funny how easily we can mess up the simple things in our lives.

Also, my SIL still has not had her baby...we had her son again Monday night...we are hoping the 3rd time will be the charm (but not any time soon - she's not due til Apr 1st anyway)

The biggest casualty of this situation has been my knitting...actually, I have knit quite alot but dont have much to show for it. I have been trying to put together (read: lots of knitting and ripping) a heart shawl for my Knit Red KAL, and finally gave up today realizing that it's not the pattern's fault but my yarn choice...I need a bulkier, perhaps fuzzier yarn than I have on hand. So until I can remedy that situation, I have cast on Cheesy Love which I am actually quite this is my new Knit Red KAL item, it will be a tank with a red body and pink hearts across the bust. That's the tenative plan anyway...and yes, my 3rd attempted Knit Red Project - I'm not really this flaky, its the yarn's fault, darn acrylic!
oh, acrylic, I didnt mean that, please forgive's not your fault that you are all I can afford

On that note, I have good news on the Pebble Beach front: we are only 1 sleeve away from piecing together and being done!

And today at the completion of our "walk around the block" ( finally nearly got to 50 deg today!!! We got to breathe fresh air!) I realized that I had not shared a picture of Gracie wearing her coordinating cardigan and hat. So...for your viewing pleasure:
m24 what r u doin mom
How quickly they master the "Mom, what are you doing?" look

And here is a profile shot~
m24 with block

Just for fun...she is now into everything~
m24look what I found

But at least she already listens pretty well, and leaves things alone when I call her~
m24off I go
These last 2 were also for Auntie Angie - my daughter does not have a 'mohawk' anymore :p

One last one for good measure~
m24Sportin moms hat
How quickly daughter's "steal" their mother's belongings (this being my hat). Ok, I give, I put it on her...but she looks so darn cute! Especially when she tries to pull it off...its our little game.


Sue said...

What adorable pictures of Gracie, Jen!

joanne said...

Very cute, I agree. ;-)